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Listings below are linked by type and brand. To get back onto our pages, just use the backspace arrow in the upper left hand corner of your browser screen.

                                                  Ammunition: all calibers

AK / Kalashnikov Rifles on Guns America

Armscor Rock Island Pistols on Guns America

Armscor Rock Island M-16 and AK47 Clone Rifles

Beretta Pistols – Check out our special purchase on the 8000F Berettas

Browning Pistols on Guns America

Browning Rifles on Guns America

Browning Shotguns on Guns America

Chaparral Winchester 1866 and 1873 Rifles

Coach Guns – Century Arms Cowboy Shotguns

Colt .45 ACP Government Pistols on Guns America

Charter Arms Revolvers on Guns America


China SKS type 56 Rifles 7.62x39

CZ-70 .32 Pistols

CZ-82 9mm Makarov, C&R, CA OK

Double Barrel Shotguns on Guns America

FIE / EAA Firearms & Accessories on Guns America

Glock Pistols on Guns America  

Grips for Smith & Wesson Handguns

Other Grips on Guns America by Gun Brand:

     AMT Grips     Browning Grips            Beretta Grips          Colt Grips

      Hogue Grips           Makarov Grips              Pachmayr Grips & Accessories     

      Ruger Grips            Smith & Wesson Grips             Star Grips       Taurus Grips     

Gun Parts and Accessories on Guns America

H&R Shotguns on Guns America

Kahr Pistols on Guns America

Kel-Tec Pistols and Rifles

Knives and Bayonets on Guns America

Magazines and Clips on Guns America

     Magazines by Gun Brand on Guns America

           (with a few other things of ours popping up, but full listings) :

     Armscor    Beretta      British Military      Browning       

     Colt     CZ       Daewoo     FIE            FN       H&K        Intratec     

     Ruger        Smith & Wesson          Sig Arms  

     Taurus       Walther

Marlin Rifles on Guns America

Mossberg Shotguns and Rifles

Norinco Shotguns on Guns America

Norinco or Century Arms Coach Gun Shotguns

Norinco China SKS type 56 Rifles 7.62x39

North American Arms Mini Revolvers on Guns America

Remington Shotguns on Guns America

Rossi Rifles on Guns America

Rossi Shotguns on Guns America

Ruger Pistols Semi-Auto on Guns America

Ruger Double Action Revolvers on Guns America

Ruger Single Action Revolvers on Guns America      Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk, Single Six

Ruger Rifles on Guns America

SKS China SKS type 56 Rifles 7.62x39

Savage Rifles and Shotguns on Guns America

Scopes, Mounts, Rings, and Optics on Guns America

Sig-Sauer or Sig Arms Pistols

S&W Snub Nose Revolver Specials J Frame 5 Shot .38 .357 models on Guns America

S&W MP Autos 9mm, 40, & .45 on Guns America

                        S&W P99 Pistols on Guns America

Star Spain 9mm Model B Pistols on Guns America

Star Spain 9mm Model BKM Pistols on Guns America

Star Spain 9mm Model BM Compact Pistols on Guns America

Star Spain 9mm Model BS Pistols on Guns America

Star Spain model Super B Pistols on Guns America

Stevens Rifles and Shotguns on Guns America

Taurus Revolvers

Taurus Semi-Auto Pistols     

Taurus Rossi Braztech Rifles and Shotguns

Walther .380 Pistols on Guns America PPK and PPK/S type

Winchester 1866 1873 and 1892 Replica Rifles

Winchester 1894 Rifles on Guns America

Winchester 1893 1897 Shotguns from Norinco / Interstate Arms

Winchester Shotguns on Guns America


Any of our items can be picked up right here on Front Street.

E m a i l us    dan @ robertsontradingpost com        james @ robertsontradingpost com  andy @ john @ robertsontradingpost com

or give us a call              7 3 1 9 8 9 7 6 4 1   phone hours 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday closed Saturdays and Sundays. Local pickup available 9 AM to 4:30 PM Tuesday through Friday.

Just let us know what you need, and we’ll have it ready. We just aren’t able to maintain a showroom any more. Walk-in local buyer customers please add 9 3/4% Tennessee Sales Tax; this only applies to items delivered across our counter or anywhere inside the State of Tennessee. FFL Dealers for local pickup must bring Both their FFL and their State Resale Certificate. The Tennessee Department of Revenue does not recognize FFLs without State Issued Resale Certificate.

Shoppers can find our complete inventory of firearms, ammunition, and accessories on GunsAmerica and GunBroker. Check out our auctions and classified ads!

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