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          The first CZ stamped firearms we traded for were World War II Era Mausers, manufactured in Czechoslovakia after the Nazi Army overran the little country at the outset of the War. We always rightly regarded these guns to be as good as the German Mausers themselves. As time went on, CZ handguns trickled into our trading stock in the 1950s, bring-backs from Tennessee and Mississippi veterans, even in several cases confiscated firearms, taken off some of our good old boy World War II soldiers. It was never any trouble at any time to get Southern boys to fight; the trouble was always, after the war, getting many of them to stop fighting, hence the occasional confiscations. These were usually 32 Automatics, much like the fine little pistols we currently have in abundance. They looked and handled like the little Walther PP series pistols we were already familiar with. We could all pronounce the initials CZ, none of us tried the full pronunciation of Czeska Zbrojovka, that sounded like somebody from Chicago to us Southerners.

          Beginning in the 1970s, High Capacity CZ Automatics started showing up among us traders here in Tennessippi, as some refer to our little geographic area that borders the Mississippi Delta. We already knew and respected the virtues of the Browning Hi-Power; and the CZ-75 looked and handled a lot like the classic single action Hi-Power, plus it was double action. Many of us in the 1970s and 1980s referred to it as the original Wonder Nine, a double action high capacity, high performance pistol that looked and felt better than the somewhat ugly and boxy feeling Smith & Wesson model 59s. Among those of us who have owned and fired the CZ-75s and descendant 85s, their reliability and accuracy matches or beats the Hi-Powers.

          We currently are delighted to offer to our shoppers several specimens of the CZ-70, CZ-75, and CZ-85 Pistols from their home domicile in the border city of Ostrava, Czech Republic. The CZ-50 and CZ-70 pistols we have served, like their handlers, as dual protectors of the Czech citizens from their criminal element, and also from the Soviet Dominated State Police. Throughout their twentieth century history, Czech gunmakers have maintained excellence and played a major role in the dismantling of the Iron Curtain, and the relatively blood-free assertion of Czech Independence in 1989. Several of our pistols served during the 1960s up until the first years of a newly formed Czech Republic.

          This page shows representative specimens of four models of CZ Pistols: the CZ-70 chambered in .32 ACP caliber, 32 Automatic; or as Europeans know it, the 7.65mm Browning caliber. At composition time on this web page, we only had a handful of CZ-50s, but a good stock of the descendant CZ-70s that served and protected with the Ostrava Municipal Police. Then there are a few of the CZ-82 Pistols chambered in the 9x18mm, or 9mm Makarov Caliber, more powerful than the .380 ACP but not quite as hot as the standard 9mm. The CZ-82, like the CZ-50, have special Federal Status as Curios and Relics, and are thus transferable to eligible civilian owners in California.

          The star of our present CZ inventory is, of course, the Ostrava Municipal Police model CZ-75 pistols chambered in 9mm – 9x19, 9mm Parabellum, 9mm NATO, 9mm Luger, call it what you will, The 9mm. We have very few of the CZ-85 direct descendant of the 75. This page shows representatives of each model and grade, and then we have links to our individual pistols’ descriptions and photos on Guns America below. There are a good many of each variant listed on Auction Arms and Gun Broker, but those two venues are sufficiently operator friendly for us to link up to all of them.




CZ-70 Pistols .32 ACP Czech Police 1970 CZ70 32 Automatic

HGCZ70 01

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Photo are representatives of several all steel CZ-70 pistols we have a special running on. The individual photos of each pistol are up mainly on  Guns America. with a few on Auction Arms and Gun Broker. These fine little pistols served and protected the good citizens of Ostrava, Czech Republic, with the Ostrava Municipal Police for the final years of the Cold War, as well as the first decade of a free Czech Republic. Buyer will receive the exact pistol in the photo; FFLs and Police Depts however may take any number of similar pistols at the same per-gun price and with no extra shipping charges. Date codes ranging from 1970 until about 1980 are stamped upper left side of slide, as the photos show, next to the Czech military proof mark. During the period of manufacture and issue the Czech Police were dealing with a good many Balkan terrorists; most important, however, was Vaclav Havel’s early underground leadership. Right side of slide is neatly stamped by the importer, PW Arms of Redmond, WA, as required by Federal Law. The CZ-70, or VZ-70 in Czech terminology, is a descendant of the Wartime CZ-27, very close kin in appearance, construction, and even quality to the Walther PPK/S. Left side slide bears CZ Factory Markings Vzor 70 cal. 7.65 / Made in Czechoslovakia. This fine little pistol is all steel, traditional double- and single-action with main lever safety and internal firing pin safety. The main safety serves as a decocker; yet the trigger-hammer system operates without firing while the safety is on, so the pistol will carry cocked and locked for single action first shot readiness and then stay ready for double action firing simply by raising the safety lever. Overall extreme length is 6 5/8 inches, from the muzzle to the back of the upper grip frame. Sight radius is 5 inches, with stake-on half moon low profile front sight separated from the dovetailed notch drift-adjustable-only rear sight by a very nicely serrated rib on top of the slide. Slide thickness is .868 inches; .925 if one measures the checkered serration disassembly bar on the right side of the frame. Lower rear area of the slide is serrated, as the photos show. Trigger is serrated face .312 width, with .295 serrated Commander / PPK Style hammer. Magazine capacity is 9 + 1 rounds of .32 ACP ammunition, 7.65 Browning in European terminology. Weight empty is a solid 23.8 ounces. Trigger pull is a manageable 15 pound vicinity on double action, and 7-8 pound range on single action. Grips are original issue polymer CZ with CZ factory logo, Czeska Zbrojovka, logo on the right panel. Barrel is 3 1/2 inch with 1:10 conventional rifling. This is one of the easiest pistols ever to field strip and clean, by means of the slide release button on the slide, even simpler than their PPK relatives. Surface detractions are moderate, with strong original bluing affected by faint edge and side whitening, and occasional finish freckling. We rate this CZ-70 as Very Good, 80 percent vicinity by our estimate; photos, however, ought to suffice for our distinguished shoppers to judge finish grade for themselves. It is Excellent Mechanically; Bore, chamber, and mechanism are all bright, clean, and excellent on this pistol. Replacement pricing on current production CZ-USA Pistols is always $400 - $ 500 range. We’re offering our CZ-70s, individually described and photographed, at prices ranging from $159 to $199 on Guns America. 



CZ82 9mm Makarov 9x18 VG 1985 13 Shot 1 Magazine Czech Police CZ-82 CZ 82 C&R Eligible CA OK

HGCZ820001 01

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Photos on this page are representative. We sell these singly, of course, and we have them individually described, photographed, and listed on Guns America, Auction Arms, and Gun Broker.  FFLs and Law Enforcement, however, may take any number of similar CZ-82s at the same per-pistol price, and with no additional shipping charges. Here is one of the best pistols in the world, a genuine CZ Czech made CZ-82 Double Action 13 shot auto chambered in the effective and popular 9mm Makarov, 9 x 18, caliber. This is a well maintained Czech police pistol. As the photos show, it exhibits moderate amounts of edge whitening and occasional weakening to its CZ Poly-coat finish. We rate it as Very Good, 80 percent vicinity by our estimate. Photos, at any rate, ought to suffice for our distinguished shoppers to judge finish grade for themselves. Tennessee importer TGI’s markings are as inconspicuous as ever, along the lower edges of the slide.  Date marking is she- she-85 for 1985, manufactured in the final days of the Iron Curtain. The CZ-82, of course, is C&R Eligible, mainly because of its role with the Czech Police. This pistol is excellent mechanically; Bore, chamber, mechanism, and magazine are all bright, clean, well lubricated, and excellent. Specs are traditional double action semi-auto; caliber 9mm Makarov, 9x18; capacity is 12 + 1 rounds; safety is ambidextrous lever type, and the safety can engage with the hammer back and with it at rest – safety is not a decocker; barrel is polygonal 5-ridge, extremely accurate but not for use with non-jacketed lead bullets; disassembly operates from the trigger guard as a lever; weight empty is 27 3/4 ounces. This pistol comes with One magazine, its original issue pre-ban Mag; but magazines are readily available from CZ USA. This is a truly fine pistol, the best on the market in the Makarov caliber, one of the most plentiful rounds in the world. We're offering these pistols, individually photographed and described, on Guns America, Auction Arms, and Gun Broker.  Pricing ranges from $249 to $259.       Not transferable to civilian non-dealers in Massachusetts. Definitely C&R Eligible. This pistol’s magazine interchanges with the CZ-83 in .380 ACP, and 10 and 12 round magazines are readily available from the principal importer, CZ-USA com. 12 round magazines are civilian legal in Chicago. For buyers in jurisdictions where the 12 round Pre-Ban Magazines are restricted, $20 off but no magazine, includes California, Hawaii, New York City, and Puerto Rico. We have plenty of ammo for these at very attractive prices, $14 per box, nickel plated steel case hollowpoint Russian, Guns America search terms Ammo Makarov Robertson



CZ-75 9mm Czech Police manufactured from about 1985 up until the Late 1990s,  High Capacity 15 Shot Magazine CZ75 CZ model 75 Ceska Zbrojovka Double Action Automatic                   

HGCZ75rep 01

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Photos are representative, but we have these pistols individually photographed and described on Gun Broker, and Guns America. From the final days of Soviet interference in Czech affairs, here is a specimen of Czech gunsmithy’s finest, best known product, the CZ-75 pistol. First introduced in 1975, CZ led the way with this fine pistol as the premiere Wonder Nine, as we called them back then. Czech engineers took John M. Browning’s 1935 Hi-Power design, strengthened it, and developed a smooth and accurate masterpiece in double action. Year code is stamped above the extractor, and our specimens were manufactured anywhere from 1985 to as late as 1996 or 1997.  The CZ-75 is a traditional double- and single action auto with a main safety that allows cocked-and-locked carry. This pistol does not have a firing pin block or safety, so its single action trigger pull is crisper than most. Our CZ-75s come in two basic configurations, either with the standard  .227 wide serrated spur hammer, or with the SP-01 ancestor Commander type hammers. Each has a half cock position for safety-off double action carry. Slides are serrated rear for easy operation; and its 4.7 inch barrel with double cam slide lock matches its Browning ancestor. Chrome finished smooth face .315 combat trigger yields a smooth, consistent double action trigger pull of 7/8 inch distance; single action trigger travel measures about 1/3 inch with minimal felt creep. Specimens we have gauged pull at 4 pound vicinity on single action. Sights are stake-on serrated ramp front with dovetailed, well protected dot configuration rear fixed sight. Construction is entirely steel on all specimens, most of them with a semi-gloss Poly-coat factory finish. A few specimens were in satin nickel finsh. Grips are mostly issue CZ logo black polymer, and a few are outfitted with Hogue Combat Grips; some of the Ostrava officers installed their own Hogues.  Ease of disassembly and reassembly exceeds all other pistols on the market even today, with hash marks on the disassembly position for easy removal of the slide stop / barrel link pin; disassembly yields grip frame, barrel, guide rod and spring. Weight empty is 35 ounces. Surface detractions on the specimens we have range anywhere from extensive to minimal; anywhere from 60 to 85 percent vicinity; individual photos we have up on Guns America should suffice for our distinguished shoppers to check our grading, the pistol buyer will receive will be substantially identical and from the same Department trade. Right side of frame is marked with the importer’s stamp, PW Arms Redmond WA, as required by US Law; and then the CZ logo and Model 75 cal. 9 Para, with Made in Czechoslovakia on the left side of the frame. These fine pistols are well maintained by their Ostrava officers; and they are excellent mechanically; bore, chamber, and mechanism are all bright, clean, and excellent. These fine pistols will digest any ammunition, from lead bullet reloads to steel case Russian to the finest Federal Hydra-Shok sharp-nosed hollowpoints. That is something one cannot say about competitors Glock and HK, to name a couple. Another strong suite is their slides mate precisely to the frames, full steel-rail-to-steel-rail contact, not with a slide resting on four small runners like their Austrian competitors. This is a real pistol, not a piece of plastic. Each pistol comes with an original issue steel 15 shot magazine. We’re offering these fine pistols individually described on on Gun Broker and Guns America. Pricing ranges from $ 289 for specimens that will grade about 60 percent finish remaining, to $319 - $339 for Very Goods, 80 percent vicinity, some with Ostrava Municipal Police issue Factory Boxes; to $369 - $389 vicinity for Satin Nickel Finish specimens, there were very few of those.       These are not transferable to civilians in California, District of Colombia, or Massachusetts. New Mec-Gar 16 rounders, each only $32.00. For civilian buyers in jurisdictions where 15 round magazines are restricted to law enforcement, $10 off and delivered freight paid but no magazines. 10- and 15-round magazines are readily available direct from the importer, CZ-USA com.


CZ-50 .32 C&R, CA OK Pistols on Guns America

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CZ-82 9mm Makarov, C&R, CA OK Pistols on Guns America

CZ-83 .32 ACP Pistols on Guns America


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