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        Special Purchase on Sig Sauer or Sig Arms P-228 and P-226 Pistols.


    From their tour of duty with the Swiss State Police come several dozen very attractive and well tended specimens of the best sized Sig-Sauer or Sig Arms Pistol of all, the Model 228. We also have only a few specimens of the full sized model P-226 Pistols. Photos show some samples:

HG4004 01

HG4007 02

     Most German Made Pistols have a date code somewhere. The chart we use is:


A = 0, 2000 in most cases / B = 1 / C = 2 / D = 3 /

E = 4 / F = 5 / G = 6 / H = 7 / J = 8 / K = 9


     On the few Sig P-228s we have with no date code, we have been able to match serial number ranges to the correct years of production.

     For many years, particularly in the late 1980s when a massive switch from double action revolvers to semi-automatics began with law enforcement, our local shoppers have asked us, Which is the Best Pistol? We hesitate to answer that, because all the brands, from the Spanish Made Stars to the Brazilian Made Tauruses all the way to Glocks, Colts, Smith & Wessons, Walthers, and Kimbers, are good pistols. If we get pinned down and have to say, though, we’ll usually say Sig, and we’re talking about more traditional metal frame handguns. The Sig Guns are impervious to wear and weather, very precisely constructed, simple to operate, and extremely reliable. For accuracy, a Sig 226 or 228 pistol will outshoot most match grade pistols, and their exceptionally crisp single action trigger pulls are unbeatable.

    Sig Sauer, or Sig Arms, pistols are not only of the best quality; they’re also eminently collectable. Many of our Sig P-228s, and one of two of the P-226s bear the Swiss Shield of the Canton where their owner police officers served. A Swiss Canton is roughly equivalent to one of our States. Most of the shield and logo marked specimens we have came from Canton Solothurn, in Northwestern Switzerland, and their State Shields are sometimes on the forward left side of the slide, and sometimes on top of the slide’s rear area. A few have written logos on the left side of the slide, and some with written logos on top of the slide, as the following sample photos show.

HG4004 02

HG4163 (6)

HG4020  (7)

HG4022 (1)

   All these pistols are all-German Made, and that enhances their collectability. Their only U.S. marking, as each of our ad texts relates, is PW Arms import stamp on the right side of the slide, as the photos show.  This is standard traditional double action: from a resting hammer, a long double action pull on the first shot, and then single action until the shooter engages the decocker. It has the automatic  firing pin safety system used on previous Sig Sauer pistols, and the magazine catch can be mounted on the left or right side to suit the operator's preference. An essentially closed design concept renders the P228 particularly resistant to dust and dirt. The 228 is the best quality 9mm Compact pistol on the market, emphasis on best more than on Compact. It is the smallest variant double-stacked magazine capable descendant of the definitive P226. This P-228 has a matte blue slide, and matte anodized lightweight alloy frame. Barrel is 3.9 inches 6 groove 1:10 rifling; weight empty is 26.1 oz; length 6.9 inches; height 5 1/4 inches; maximum width 1.5 inches; 5.5 inch sight radius; 10 pound double action trigger pull; and Sig's classic crisp single action pull at 4 1/2 pound vicinity, with negligible felt creep. Magazine capacity is 13+1 rounds with an issue factory Magazine, 15+1 with our Mec-Gar Magazines, or 10+1 for civilian-legal magazines in jurisdictions like California, Chicago, District of Colombia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, and Puerto Rico, where any magazine with over 10 round capacity is restricted to law enforcement only. Caliber, of course, is 9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum, 9x19, 9mm NATO, call it what you will, THE 9mm.

   The Links Below will bring up our listings on each venue, on Auction Arms, Guns America, and Gun Broker. These links will also bring up Grips and Magazines that we frequently stock for these fine pistols.


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Sig P-228 Pistols, 9mm Caliber, on Guns America


Sig P-228 9mm Pistols on Auction Arms: Go to Auction / Search

        enter the words: P228 Swiss


Sig P-228 9mm Pistols on Gun Broker: Go to Gun Broker . com,

        in the Search Box, enter the words: P228 Swiss


Sig P-220 Pistols on Guns America


Any of our items can be picked up right here on Front Street. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll have it ready. We just aren’t able to maintain a showroom any more. Walk-in local buyer customers please add 9 3/4% Tennessee Sales Tax; this only applies to items delivered across our counter or anywhere inside the State of Tennessee. FFL Dealers for local pickup must bring Both their FFL and their State Resale Certificate. The Tennessee Department of Revenue does not recognize FFLs without State Issued Resale Certificate.


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          All these pistols, the Sig P-220, the P-226, and the P-228 are transferable to civilians in all jurisdictions of the United States, with the possible exception of New York City. In NYC, Mayors Bloomberg and Giuliani, as part of their so-called “common sense” measures, have a 5 round magazine capacity limit in place. No one that we know of manufactures a 5 round magazine for any Sig Pistol.


Shipping Information for handguns:


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> $10 lower 48; $30 Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico, USPS Priority Mail, insured with Delivery Confirmation. Don’t let your buddies use your account, that kind of thing smells like felony level straw purchase attempt. MC/Visa/Discover/USPS MO paid orders shipped same day. 7 day hold on checks.  FFL ok by fax, e-mail or mail, please ask your dealer to put your name on there. We offer 7 day money back on used guns and items, but No Returns on New in Box guns or on Lay-aways or ammo. We do not pay transfer fees or return shipping. New guns have factory warranties and we are not a warranty station. We accept lay-away with 20% down, balance in 90 days - lay aways not refundable, though. Internet phone hours 8:30 – 4:30 CST Mon - Fri CST. Local pickup available. Robertson Trading Post 117 Front Street PO Box 365 Henderson, Tennessee 38340 We Buy, Sell, or Trade. We always have, since 1952. 


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