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Only in the past 20 years, with the end of the Cold War, have we Americans given our ally Russian Soldiers credit for their indispensable role in defeating the Nazi Army in World War II. Here are two representatives of Russian Officers’ issue revolvers, out of several authentic World War II Russian Army sidearms. Here are the copy and photos for two out of several 1895 Nagant Revolvers we’ve had lately, and we still have many like them:


Nagants ranging in manufacture dates from 1931 up to 1945:


Nagant .32 S&W compatible World War II Nagant 7.62 Model 1895 Revolver Excellent 1931 with Holster & Kit 32 Smith & Wesson or 32 Tula Russia

HG3746 (1)

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Here are two representative specimens from a limited acquisition of vintage WWII issue Russian military revolvers, the model 1895 Russian Nagant Revolver, chambered for the 7.62 Nagant cartridge. It also will chamber and fire both .32 S&W and .32 S&W Long cartridges, commonly available and relatively inexpensive rounds. It will even chamber and fire .32 H&R Magnum ammunition. This revolver has an excellent blue military arsenal finish from its home arsenal in Tula, Russia.All seven cylinder chambers and the bore are bright, clean, and excellent. Specs are traditional double and single action revolver; distinctive hammer nose firing pin; cylinder capacity 7 rounds of 7.62 Nagant and .32 Smith & Wesson / .32 S&W Long ammunition interchangeably. This revolver has a distinctive cylinder lockup with recessed cylinder face that mates to the barrel’s forcing cone when the trigger is fully depressed. Cylinder loads to the right side of the frame with a steel serrated loading gate; and the cylinder removes easily by extending the ejector rod and swiveling that assembly to the right for fired case ejection. Construction is entirely blue steel, with 4 1/2 inch barrel, dovetailed partridge front sight and fixed notch rear sight. Trigger pull gauges at around 12 to 15 pounds both in single and double action, no trouble at all when you’re staring down a Shmeisser. Weight empty is 28 ounces, center of gravity at the trigger. Grips are original Russian Government Issue checkered with blue steel screws and inlaid wood panels on the front and back straps. Original lanyard stud and ring are intact. These revolvers are in their original military configuration. our #3746 dated from 1931, the Year that a wary Soviet Union watched Japan invade China on its Eastern Flank; and it was on guard throughout World War II. #3733 was manufactured in 1945, as the Russian Army closed in on Berlin. These revolvers’ only alien marking is Importer R Guns Cartersville IL stamping on the upper left side of the frame, with the R Guns serial number, the number of record for BATF purposes. This revolver has its original holster, cleaning rod and disassembly tool as the photos show. Own this fine, versatile, distinctive Russian Nagant Revolver, complete with its holster and tools,          for only       $ 149.00.    Definitely C&R Eligible; C&Rs in Boston MA California, District of Colombia, Delaware, and certain other jurisdictions are required to transfer handguns through an 01 or 02 FFL, even though they are C&R Eligible.



          1895 Nagants on Guns America



Any of our items can be picked up right here on Front Street. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll have it ready. We just aren’t able to maintain a showroom any more. Walk-in local buyer customers please add 9 3/4% Tennessee Sales Tax; this only applies to items delivered across our counter or anywhere inside the State of Tennessee. FFL Dealers for local pickup must bring Both their FFL and their State Resale Certificate. The Tennessee Department of Revenue does not recognize FFLs without State Issued Resale Certificate.

          These revolvers are all C&R Eligible. That means they have Federal Status as Curio and Relic Firearms, and we can sell them direct to C&R Licensees, with the exception of C&Rs in jurisdictions like California, District of Colombia, Boston MA, Delaware, and any other jurisdictions that have state or local restrictions up on all classes of C&R Handguns. The key legal word is Concealable. California civilian non-dealers may own any C&R eligible firearm, the CA DOJ Roster does not apply to these. 


Cleaning and disassembly resources for 1895 Nagant Revolvers:


The Tula 1895, or 1895 Nagant Gas Seal Revolver is a well made, historic firearm. Before using, we recommend you watch these videos on You Tube:


You Tube user TulaMoisin 1891, Nagant Revolver Overview Part 1 of 2”



You Tube user  TulaMoisin 1891,  Nagant Revolver Disassembly Part 2 of 2”


          For firing, we recommend .32 Smith & Wesson Long Ammunition, or import .32 Nagant Caliber ammunition. We do not recommend .32 H&R Magnum or especially not .327 Federal Magnum ammunition.

          For disassembly for cleaning, first, make absolutely sure the revolver is not loaded. Then,  holding the grip frame in your left hand and the rod end in your right hand., twist the knurled-ended rod underneath the barrel until it will extend out. At that point, the barrel lug will easily pivot toward you. Align that pivoting piece, including the rod, so that the main cylinder pin assembly will come out. Remove that hollow pin toward the muzzle, and roll the cylinder toward you with the hammer slightly back. Roll it from the top toward you, don’t force it, you could damage the rotator hand. Remove the cylinder to clean; and when reinstalling the cylinder move the hammer with your left hand and roll the cylinder top toward you, counterclockwise if you were facing the muzzle, until it aligns into place. Do not force the cylinder, you can damage the cylinder stop, the hand, the firing pin, and even the cylinder itself. When the cylinder is aligned, the main hollow pin assembly will easily go back into place, and the barrel lug will pivot and the cylinder rod goes back inside the cylinder pin housing.

          Watch the video. It’s a good one, clear and simply.




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